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Tantra massage ChristopheAfter having gained experience with relaxation massage, sports massage, humane shiatsu and shiatsu for horses, in a way I was still hungry for more.

In my search for videos about spirituality I at one point came out on a video of the Somananda Tantra School in which Somananda gave someone a tantra treatment / massage that I was watching with open mouth.

Shortly thereafter I bumped into a second video of him and for me, as a scientifically trained person, this was the definitive trigger to start the course to become a tantra massage therapist. In this video, in May 2015 a test was set up in a lab environment in Denmark to measure the healing tantric energy during a treatment by Somananda. The results exceeded every expectation and the Danish scientists were unable to provide an unambiguous explanation for the phenomenon they recorded on their monitors.

During the intensive training in Estonia to become a Tantra Massage Therapist I was able to experience the possible effects of a treatment in both a giving and a receiving role. The very positive feedback after giving and the profound experience during receiving a treatment have led me to continue walking this path and gain more experience and knowledge through further treatments and training / workshops.

Country: Belgium
Location: Kortrijk
Tantra massage options: Yoni massage


Tantra massage RegineI have been working as a massage and body therapist for about 10 years now. I have followed various courses such as chakra healing, various massage techniques including hammam massage and I am a qualified coach "inspiring coaching" at Jef Clement.

After having received several tantra massages from Christophe as a client, my curiosity about a decent tantra training was triggered.
I found that education at the international Somananda Tantra School. I already attended the massage therapy and tantra sexuality courses. Various other tantra training courses are planned in the future such as Hatha yoga, deep meditation (Kashmiri Shaivism) and "the art of dying", a training course on reincarnation and karma.

Tantra has become a lifestyle for me, a way of being that I am aware of 24 hours a day. It is a blessing that I can pass on this knowledge and experience to clients through a healing tantra massage. I treat both men and women.

Country: Belgium
Location: Waregem
Tantra massage options: Yoni massage, Lingam massage

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Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.