Yoni massage

What is a yoni massage?

A yoni massage is a treatment for the yoni, which is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female genitals. Why is this zone not allowed to be ignored?

  1. The yoni is a source of very powerful energy, which unfortunately is in a dormant, stagnant state in the vast majority of the female population as they are not familiar with the tantric lifestyle and techniques.
  2. The yoni is structurally in the body of the woman herself and functions as a storehouse for emotions and traumas. This can lead to blockages and a range of common female health problems. This also explains why one third to almost half of the women has never experienced an orgasm.
  3. When blockages in and around the yoni are eliminated, healing and unprecedented levels of pleasure can occur. Did you know that a woman can experience as many as 7 different types of orgasms?

Yoni massageThe Somananda Tantra School has developed a revolutionary massage protocol that combines the old Ayurvedic philosophy with the knowledge of the sexual component of tantra. In this way a unique fusion of healing (ayurveda) with awakening and pleasure (tantra) arises.

How does a yoni massage work?

By treating certain points in and around the yoni, the hidden energy can be awakened and released. Via tantric techniques, a sublimation of this energy then takes place to the higher chakras, so that a restorative effect can take place with sometimes miraculous spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual and mental effects.

The actual yoni massage only happens after treatment of the rest of the body. In this way there is already a feeling of relaxation, comfort and a confidence in the therapist. This promotes the opening of important energy channels in the body.
Activating certain pressure / energy points during the external yoni massage activates the energy and stimulates the lubrication of the yoni so that in a next step the therapist can proceed to the internal yoni massage.

During the internal massage the status of the tissues is checked and it is determined whether there are zones that are insensitive or feel too hot. By giving these the necessary attention, possible blockades can be eliminated. The location of important zones such as the G-spot is determined. Some women are used to too fast penetration with too little foreplay. Their G-spot has therefore never been 'activated', they close further away from it and react with pain. As long as a woman has no connection with this point, she will have little to no pleasure in stimulating it.
The massage is closed in a relaxed way so that the woman feels energetic and harmonious.

Why is a yoni massage useful?

A tantric yoni massage can be beneficial for the following problems:

  • Sexual hindrances such as lack of desire
  • Not experiencing sensations or orgasms
  • Painful sexual experiences
  • Cystitis
  • Severe menstruation symptoms
  • Common fungal infection or bacterial overgrowth in the vagina (instead of the normal "flora")
  • Endometriosis (overgrowth of uterine lining in the abdominal cavity)

A yoni massage goes to the core of the health problems and sexual blockages. As a woman you are healed from within and you discover the true meaning of sexual liberation. When you experience profound, satisfying sexual experiences from then on, this can even change you as a person.

Effects of a yoni massage

By waking up the energy with the right touch, performed in harmony with care and attention, a multitude of effects can occur as summarized below:

  • Rejuvenation of the whole body
  • Heals chronic ailments
  • Sensitizing the genitalia
  • Increases sexual awareness and orgasmic potential
  • Alleviates blockages
  • Releases powerful stored or stuck sexual energy
  • Increases self-confidence and happiness

To get a better picture of how the massage is experienced, you can go to the different testimonials. However, make sure that you do not create specific expectations, because every massage is a unique experience for every person.

If you opt for the yoni massage via the application form, it does not necessarily have to take place. During the massage itself permission is always requested and both you and I can decide that it is not the right time for this.