Lingam massage

The lingam massage is not a massage in itself and is part of the tantra massage. The entire body is treated and the lingam massage can happen as the last part.

lingam hindu sculptureLingam massage - more than a massage of the penis

In this modern age, both men and women are openly looking for more knowledge about sexuality and wish to deepen their experiences and intimacy level. For men, exploring the tantric lingam massage can be an option to get valuable answers.

The Sanskrit word lingam is a spiritual term that refers to the male genitals and is seen as a symbol of fertility. Tantra lingam massage is known as a massage in which various techniques are used to activate the sexual energy. As a man, you can be freed from blockages that can prevent you from feeling deep sexual pleasure and experiencing multiple orgasms. In addition, it is also possible to channel and move the energy of your partner in addition to your own energy.

Through specific pressure points on the lingam, testicles and perineum, a man can experience extraordinary spiritual and energetic effects. Although orgasm is not the goal of this type of massage, it can be part of this beautiful experience such as a full-body orgasm. A classic orgasm in which the man ejaculates is certainly not occurring here as this means a literal loss of energy. In contrast to this, the sexual energy will be spread from the pelvic region over the rest of the body through the massage, which can lead to very pleasant sensations.

Tantra massage is a modern creation, but rooted in the old tantric teachings of energy. Due to the many energetic blockages that affect most men today, this remarkable approach to massage has become a necessity for spiritual, emotional and sexual evolution. The purpose of a lingam massage is to bring pleasure to a spiritual level and use our powerful sexual energy for more in-depth life experiences.

The art of becoming multi-orgasmic

The lingam is revered in Tantra and is considered an important organ of energy and power. Tantra massage is a complete system that tackles the entire body and not surprisingly the genitals. This integral approach makes this therapy unique and revolutionary and can produce extraordinary effects.

Tantra lingam massageWhen receiving a lingam massage, one must learn to relax and be prepared to receive. A good massage session starts with activating the less intimate parts of the body such as the chest, back, legs and arms. Then pressure points in the neighborhood and around the lingam are activated in a way that is both healing and harmonious in nature. Finally, the lingam or penis itself is treated. The session is concluded with sublimation of energy and concentration on the heart.

Over time and through practice, a man gains more and more control over his sexual energy and ultimately he can also apply this newly found skill while making love. New sensual and spiritual heights are now within reach and it will be possible to make love for a long time and indeed become multi-orgasmic. A tantric lingam massage can also resolve and eliminate a variety of common sexual dysfunctions, blockages and challenges that a man may face.


Are you open as a man to broaden your experience and do you want to discover what an authentic tantra massage entails, in contrast to the Western form of tantra massage with a classic happy ending?

Then book an appointment via the application form and my colleague Regine will provide you with this innovative experience.

If you opt for the lingam massage, it does not necessarily have to take place. During the massage itself permission is always requested and both you and the therapist can decide that it is not the right time for this.

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