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It was, in a word, amazing! How I enjoyed your loving touches. Only now do I know and feel what is meant by loving touches. I couldn't think of a more appropriate word. And now the morning after the massage, the thought of the massage still fills me with a warm and relaxed feeling. It was wonderful just to have to receive. Everything revolved around me. That was what I so needed. I also notice that the mantra has worked well. I really feel it.

At the start I really had to cross a hurdle. This was so out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, this feeling was allowed to exist and was not condemned. Partly because of this and because I was able to surrender after a few minutes, I was able to open up completely and enjoy it immensely. Afterwards I was very tired. I slept 12 hours last night. Apparently I needed this. The next morning I feel satisfied and I have a more positive self-image. If this is the feeling after one day and after my first tantra massage, I am very sure that this suits me and more tantra massages will follow.

Christian, thank you for this indescribable experience! And the safety in which I was able to experience this.

J. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]

Sometimes everything coincides: the place, the atmosphere, the person, the attunement, the intimacy, the surrender, the cadence, the fulfillment, the intoxication. A warm greeting and heartfelt welcome. Not a word too much and no superfluous effort, just right to be able to open up and dare to be yourself. You may surrender just as much as you allow yourself to this loving, deeply felt, passionate experience. In a word: Heavenly!

J.F. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]

Loving, heavenly and like coming home. The atmospheric, warm and inviting space immediately gave me a feeling of a warm bath where I immediately felt completely at ease. In addition, Christian is very honest, sincere and loving. It felt like coming home to my own body and the loving touches gave me the feeling that I can really be gentle and loving towards myself. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

J. B. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]

Christian is someone who massages with full attention. He is really present in his touch and feels exactly what I need. He is extremely respectful, very professional and experienced, continues to develop and is a nice person to deal with.

C.L. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]

Christian has helped me re-member who I really am. He has helped me enormously to listen to myself and to be and remain faithful to myself. My heart speaks and I can feel, I just had to learn to listen to it. He supported me very well in this and accelerated the process. What do I want and find important in my life? He is a warm man who really listens to your story and feels exactly what you need.

M.W. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]

Now, 2 days later, I still feel the effect of your nice massage! It has given me deep relaxation and new energy at the same time. Because of your peace, attention, respect and attunement I was able to surrender and receive, and that is a new experience for me. The alternation between firm and soft touch, the space, the temperature, the music, the oil, the heated futon, everything was just right! It's amazing how quickly I felt at ease with you. It has touched me! Thank you for that Christian!

W. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]

Live from my mind. I can do that well. Live from feeling. I need support with that. I found that support from Christian. Because of his massages I manage to relax more and get more in touch with my feelings. My body comes alive and therefore moves uncontrollably. I make noise. That may all be there. He respects me and my boundaries. Through him I discover who I really am. I am curious what the next massage will bring.

I. (session 1) [therapist: Christian]