Tantra massage

Tantra massage is a form of energetic therapy that can work very deeply. Ayurvedic techniques are used that release energy in the body. During the massage, this energy is directed upwards via tantric techniques, which may lead to intense sensations and release of emotions, blockades and even traumas. The effects that can occur are described in more detail at General info.

Various studies indicate that all the disorders that we are dealing with are biopsychosocial phenomena. An interplay between the biological, the psychological and the social determines how healthy we are.

In our society the emphasis is on research into medical-biological causes and the influence of the psychological and the social is often strongly underestimated. Good coordination with our emotional world is extremely important here as a factor.

As therapy, tantra massage integrates physical contact, energetic "touch" and attention to the psychological aspect. This combination fits very well in a holistic approach that is necessary and where more and more new forms of therapy are evolving.

As a therapist, I treat you respectfully and with love during the massage and the possible process you go through.