For whom?

Energy massageA tantra massage can be a unique experience for everyone. Especially people who are restless, stressed or traumatized, do not feel good about themselves, or experience problems of a relational or sexual nature, may benefit greatly from treatment.

The application form asks whether there are health problems or specific complaints. Based on this, it is determined whether a tantra massage can be useful in your case.

After setting a date for the appointment you will receive a document with some tips and guidelines in preparation for the massage.

Possible effects

In the first place you can see a treatment as a relaxation massage. In addition, more profound energetic effects can occur* that can lead to detachment of emotions, blockades and/or even traumas.

According to the principles of tantra, this energy is led up into the body during the massage, which can cause quite intense sensations. You can describe it as a tingling, a bit like a sleeping arm that suddenly gets a supply of blood again. This feeling can occur over the entire body, but it is mostly situated in the head and arms.

This may eventually lead to even orgasmic sensations that are felt all over the body (regardless of whether or not the genital zone is treated), which for many people is a new world that opens.

Furthermore, the various testimonials can help to get a better picture of the possible effects of a tantra massage.

* These effects can not be guaranteed as this depends, among other things, on your own physical (health) condition at that moment.


Tantra massage therapyA treatment generally lasts 90 to 120 minutes. The massage itself is performed on a mat. The energy can be controlled much better here than on a massage table for example.

Almond oil is used as base oil for the massage. Different essential oils such as eucalyptus, orange, tea tree, ... are added here.

A great deal of importance is attached to hygiene, both by me as a giver and you as a recipient of the massage. Therefore, please always take a bath or shower before our appointment.

  1. Welcome and acquaintance/conversation
  2. After changing clothes, cover yourself with a big towel and take place on the futon (mat). You don't need to take off your panties if this causes a feeling of unease and you didn't choose for a yoni massage.
  3. Treatment back (back / legs / feet)
  4. Treatment front (chest / abdomen / arms / legs / feet)
  5. Treatment of genital zone - yoni massage (not compulsory!)

Tip: For a genital massage, it is suggested that the hairs are trimmed or removed as much as possible. These complicate the movement of energy.


The basic rate for the treatment of 90 minutes is 100 euros. If you opt for a yoni massage and possibly other options, the massage takes 2 hours and the rate is 130 euros*.

By mutual agreement the session can be extended and a surcharge of 15 euros per extra quarter will apply.

At this moment only payment in cash is possible.

Do not hesitate to submit the application form if you are interested. If you have any questions, you can always contact us without further obligation.

* 65 years or older / 25 years or younger: ask for lower rates