Country: Belgium
Province: Flemish Brabant (BE)
Location: BE - Dilbeek
Therapist for: Men, Women
Therapy form: Energetic massage, Holistic health advice, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

About me

Tantra massage SigridPersonal development, spirituality, yoga, dance and health have been the common thread through my life for more than 20 years. Following my divorce in 2020, this process deepened through shadow work and shamanic ceremonies. It was also then that tantric massages came my way. It felt like an initiation into surrender, self-acceptance and a deeper connection with Source. I also discovered then how much energy it gave me to massage myself and how much light, strength, sensuality, wisdom and love flows from my hands. The enthusiastic reactions of the recipients encouraged me to also offer energetic massages professionally.
Because our sexual energy and genitals are an integral part of who we are, it felt very natural for me to include this in my energetic massages.

***** Currently energetic and tantric massages can NOT be booked for an indefinite period *****

Energetic and tantric massage


During the preliminary meeting, we will explore together with a cup of tea the theme you would like to continue working on, what your needs are, and what you might want to let go of. In this you also indicate your limits with regard to whether or not to touch your intimate body parts. Lingam or yoni massage only takes place during a session of 2 hours or longer.
This preliminary conversation deepens the massage, so that the healing you receive is always focused on the now. In addition, I give you tips and breathing techniques to be able to surrender to the massage as best as possible. The most important thing is that you feel safe!
Sometimes it is necessary to go deeper into physical complaints and you need guidance and insight to help you on your way to more energy and vitality. This is possible during a session of holistic health advice.

The massage

The massage is done on a massage table with warm oil and consists of an alternation of soft subtle touches, deeper kneading and the laying on of hands.
You receive loving touches and this with my full attention.
The entire body is touched and touched.
Massage on the floor is also possible by mutual agreement.
After the massage you will have the time to land calmly and the space to share your experiences.

Practical agreements

The first appointment for a tantra massage can only take place after you confirm that you agree with these agreements:

  • The massage will take place at my home in Dilbeek.
  • Bring a large towel to put under you.
  • Arrive on time but not too early. I don't have a waiting room.
  • If the appointment cannot take place, please inform me at least 1 day in advance.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before the massage.
  • Good hygiene is good for both. Make sure you come to the massage refreshed, without perfume.
  • After the massage it is best to drink a lot of water to properly remove the released waste.
  • I am not naked during the massage and will not engage in sexual interaction with you as a recipient. Sometimes you also want to give something back, but tantra massage is all about receiving without having to give something back. Unfair expectations or proposals are not welcome.
  • The lingam and yoni massage is not aimed at a happy ending so that the released energy throughout your body
    can flow. When a man ejaculates, he just loses his energy, which is not the intention with the tantra lingam massage.


  • 2-hour session: € 150 (1h30m, 15 min pre-talk, 15 min landing) [NO lingam/yoni massage included]
  • 2.5-hour session: € 180 (2h, 15 min pre-talk, 15 min landing) [CAN include lingam/yoni massage]
  • Extra pampering time: € 30 per half hour

If you are coming for the first time, I advise you to book a 2 hour session. It also gives you the chance to relax more deeply and let go. Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or at the latest on the day itself at the start of the session (cash or via Payconiq).

Holistic health advice

The first step to more health is to dare to look, to feel. Which (eating) patterns, emotions and beliefs are standing in your way? Are you willing to look at these and embrace them gently? Then you've come to the right place!

Emotions, stress, trauma,... they have much more impact on our health than we think. Eating patterns that don't give you what you need also cause stress and inflammation in the body. Everything hangs together. That is why I opt for a holistic approach in my guidance.

We work together on these 4 pillars:

  1. Nutrition: what do you eat?
    You are what you digest! Together we will find out which food makes you feel better and lighter. You will receive tips on which foods promote your vitality and when it is best to eat and drink. We are not going to count calories, because enjoyment is important. Sometimes supplements are needed to make up for deficiencies.

  2. Beliefs and emotions
    It is often our thoughts that create our emotions and vice versa, our emotions reinforce our thoughts. We work together on a mindset that supports you.

  3. Stress and trauma
    Both have a major impact on our biology and are therefore fixed in our body. Together we look for the tools and adjustments that work for you, in the short and long term.

  4. Your connection to the bigger picture
    What do you need to feel safe so that you can connect with your environment, with people in a loving healthy way. Do you dare to surrender and trust in a power that is always there: the field of Infinite Potential. It is both within and outside of us.

How does it work?

A journey always starts with an intention. Each session is part cognitive therapy (knowledge, talking) and part bodywork. What works for you is not always what works for someone else.

Some of the possible methods:

  • Strengthen intestinal flora
  • Right Food Combinations
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Mindset and the Law of Attraction
  • Exercises to strengthen the vagus nerve (polyvagal theory)
  • Human Design
  • Dance and movement therapy (somatic exercises)
  • Breathing Exercises
  • EFT
  • Massage and touch
  • ...


Chances are that you will need several sessions to achieve a sustainable result.
Between and after the sessions you can also contact me via email, text message or msn for support, to share your experiences or for short questions.
The coaching can also take place online via Skype.


One and a half hour session: €110
1-hour session: €75

Support between sessions: €35


Tantra massage appointment

Make an appointment and if possible already suggest some dates.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Bekkenbodem massage

Bekkenbodem massage

Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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