Country: Belgium
    Province: East Flandres (BE), Antwerp (BE)
    Location: BE - Beveren-Waas
    Therapist for: Women
    Therapy form: Breathwork, Tantra massage (yoni)

    About me

    Tantra massage NikoMy name is Niko, husband of Anke and father of 4 fantastic daughters. A few years ago, under the encouragement of my beautiful wife, I came into contact with personal development and seeking and finding your own path to a full and happy life.

    Since I started my work as a transformative breathing coach, I have had the privilege of guiding people on their journey to inner growth and self-discovery. My own journey started as a search for connection, both with myself and with others. Over the years I have learned that this connection starts with embracing who we really are, without judgment or limitations. For me, tantra seemed like a logical next step and addition.

    My passion for tantra and breathwork comes from the realization that our body and mind are deeply connected. By consciously breathing, we open the door to our inner world and can release blockages that prevent us from living fully. As a person, I have always recognized the power of the body, but it wasn't until I started working with the breath that I discovered its true potential to help us grow, heal and transform.

    When I look at my wife and children, I know that love is the greatest power we possess. My aim is to spread this love in everything I do, both in my personal relationships and in my work as a therapist. I believe adventure and challenge are essential for growth, and I encourage my clients to leave their comfort zone and embrace life to the fullest.

    For me, positivity is not a choice, but an attitude to life. I believe that even in the darkest moments of our lives, there is always a spark of hope and light that propels us forward. As a tantra therapist and breathing coach, my mission is to help ignite that light in the hearts of others, so that they can discover their own power and wisdom and live a life filled with love, joy and meaning.


    • 2023: Certified Breath Coach (YogiLab - Brian Kelly)
    • 2023-2024: various tantra workshops, including with Luc Escot


    Tantra massage

    Since I believe in the importance of grounding together, we start with an intake interview to take the time to connect. During this conversation, accompanied by a soothing cup of tea, we discuss any needs, obstacles, doubts or intentions, so from there we can fully dive into a state of surrender. We work together to address any blockages and challenges so that you can release them and experience deep relaxation in a safe way.

    It is important to note that the journey you take as a recipient is an individual experience. As a therapist, I will guide you, but I will not actively participate in your journey. A sexual approach or interaction is not tolerated during the tantra massage. The core of the tantra massage lies in receiving; as a therapist I expect nothing in return. Clear boundaries are essential for both the receiver and the giver, and clear agreements lead to the best results. During the massage we work with life energy, not with the aim of a 'happy ending'.

    The massage takes place on a mattress for better blood circulation and to work more deeply on the energy flows. When you're ready, you can undress and then we start the massage on the mat, where you can relax and discover your deepest self. We start with the back of the body, carefully treating each part to bring you to a deeper state of being. Then you turn around and I massage the front of your body, giving every part of your unique body the necessary attention. During the massage I apply breathing and energetic techniques to help you sink even deeper into your state of being, with full focus and respect for your well-being.

    After the massage you will have time to reconnect with yourself, so that you can reflect on the experience and its impact on you. We conclude with space for questions or thoughts, to integrate this experience together. Every massage is a unique experience and will be experienced differently depending on where you are in your life at that moment.

    Transformative breathwork session

    A transformative breathwork session often starts with an in-depth intake interview, where all aspects of your experience, including personal trauma, are openly discussed. This is a crucial time of building trust between you and myself, and giving you the opportunity to express any fears or concerns you may have.

    After the intake interview, prepare for the breathwork session by lying down comfortably on a mat, with or without a soft blanket for extra warmth and comfort. A blindfold may be offered to heighten the senses and allow you to go deeper into yourself. Headphones are carefully placed, immersing you in an atmosphere of soothing music and my guiding voice.

    The breathwork session starts quietly, with a focus on your breathing. By breathing consciously, you make contact with deeper layers of yourself. As the session progresses, feelings and memories may surface, including those of traumas you may have experienced. This can be intense, but I am always there by your side, supporting and encouraging, as you allow and let go of these emotions.

    At the peak of the session you often reach a moment of release, in which the built-up tension and emotional baggage will be released. This can be a liberating experience, in which you feel yourself being born again.

    After this release there is room to fill the void in the subconscious with love and positive affirmations. This is often done through Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), which uses words and thoughts to anchor new, positive patterns in the subconscious. This helps to anchor and strengthen the transformation.

    After the breathwork session there is time for an evaluation interview, in which you can share the experience, discuss any insights and ask questions. This conversation provides an opportunity to integrate the session and consider the next steps in your personal growth.

    All in all, a transformative breathwork session is a profound journey within, in which you have the opportunity to let go, heal and transform, supported by loving guidance and a carefully created environment.

    Tantra massage praktijkruimte


    Tantra massage

    • 2h - 175€
    • 2.5h - 195€

    Transformative breathing session

    • 2h - 100€

    Hello Niko,
    I am very happy with the experience. It was very special in the best sense of the word! It certainly set some things in motion so I'll definitely be back. I feel that this can be the start of 'healing' on a different and deeper level. For which I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    B. (session 1) [therapist: Niko]

    I received my first massage from Niko.
    He welcomed me and guided me to the massage room. I directly felt at ease with hem, because of his quietness and a feeling of being safe.
    We talked a bit and he explained what would happen, which made me feel more confident in what was going to happen.
    It was easy for me to let go, feeling his strong hands massaging my body.
    Since the massage things have come into motion, i am releasing a lot of negative energy. Where my hips would normally hurt, they do not hurt anymore, so i would say that this massage has reached his goal.
    I will definitely be back. 

    I. (session 1) [therapist: Niko]

    Are you pregnant?
    Additional cost of 100€ for rental space, petrol and extra time (excl. duo & 4-hands)
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    PAY ATTENTION! Zoë only gives coaching, NO MASSAGE!
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    For an appointment, please only propose dates from November.
    Energetic organ massage
    Neuro-emotional integration
    Given by Christophe and Saskia
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Given by Christophe and Tine
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Longer session possible (+ 50€ per extra 30 min)
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    These sessions include conversation, preparation and ritual, massage of 1.5-2h-3h, refreshing and aftertalk.
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    View my profile with whom I can give the massage.
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