Country: The Netherlands
    Province: Gelderland (NL)
    Location: NL - Bemmel
    Therapist for: Men, Women
    Therapy form: Holistic massage, Kashmiri massage, Tantra coaching, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

    About me

    Tantra massage Ilonka

    I am a spiritual, conscious and sincere pure honest woman, who also experienced my own awakening process of my life.
    Whereby the tantra has shown and felt the way to myself, my authentic self, being connected to my heart, pelvis and head, from a loving Being.

    In which my focus is on Proximity.
    My mission in life is to bring people closer. In the vicinity I make the connection so that you can and can meet yourself.

    From my Consciousness, Soul Journey and Passion I would like to take you into that closeness, and healing may and can arise in that. My hands are connected to my heart and my pelvis is connected to my strength, and from this feeling I meet you and your Consciousness.

    For me, a tantra massage is a special way of awakening your consciousness and your life energy. To be allowed to open your heart and to feel where your life energy can flow better and to let you experience a wonderfully beautiful and nice relaxed feeling.

    Tantra massage is for me a beautiful pure healing journey, feeling un-needed and being touched.

    In that closeness to each other there is room for connection and Healing.

    From my connection with and trust in the power of Love, I will go on a journey with you.
    I touch, I help to open and give space to be.


    Together we start with a nice open and pleasant conversation, in which your intentions, desires and boundaries are discussed. Very important to me that you feel safe, seen and heard before we start the session.

    I take you into a connecting dance where you are undressed and then I invite you to sit on my lap, nice meditation, soft touches, rocking movements, we connect with each other from the heart and pelvis and you are gently laid down.
    A loving connecting journey and expansion of awareness, surrender and relaxation. I create a safe bed by opening my heart and letting everything from feelings and experiences be there in the NOW. You are touched by loving soft caresses, warm oils and unconditional loving attention and respect, from stillness and delay.

    During the massage, the lingam or yoni can also be massaged. This is discussed in advance and you decide at all times what will be massaged.
    With the sensory tantra massage there is a nice deepening challenge in receiving, by means of smells, tastes, hearing and feeling.

    We round off this journey with a shower ritual (if desired). Tantra has nothing to do with sex. We use the sexual life energy stored in man to release it and let it flow again in yourself, the awakening of your life energy.
    I would like to invite you to experience this pure healing journey and to be from Love.

    What makes me so Unique in giving tantra massages?

    I'd love to take you into this by sharing beautiful loving healing moments.

    There was a healing moment during the massage, I massaged his right hand and with my left hand I massaged his heart chakra. Felt so pure and loving to love his heart. The man has rheumatism and I felt it as opening in his Heart's energy, becoming aware of his own Love.

    Loving Consciousness, completely Pure and healing.

    Grateful to experience that the women have also found their way to my practice, let them feel and experience who they are in their strength deep down. To make them aware of Love for themselves, a beautiful gift they can give to themselves. Warm, open and so purely vulnerable and pure to dare to show themselves.

    Loving Consciousness, completely Pure and healing.

    I experience more and more that I can guide a special healing journey to let the customer come home to themselves, experience the confidence that they are loved from the heart and that they can surrender themselves with that Loving Consciousness, completely Pure and healing merge with the source of Love.

    Loving Consciousness, completely Pure and healing.

    Particularly lovingly and with respect I massage the man who no longer has a prostate. The feelings and desires for intimacy remain, only this goes so much deeper and more intense. During the tantra massage the lingam receives extra loving purifying healing attention, I honor the masculinity and embrace that which may be.

    Loving Consciousness, completely Pure and healing.

    Pure and beautiful experience to go on the road, to be seen, felt and watched. After three sessions it feels like healing.

    Loving Consciousness, completely Pure and healing.

    Grateful from my heart I am for the beautiful encounters, and yes I look forward to meeting you in the closeness where Love flows and healing arises.

    Tantra massage Ilonka praktijk


    • Tantra massage 2h - € 199
    • Sensory tantra massage 2.5h - € 245
    • Tantra for couples 3h - € 270
    • Holistic massage 1.5h - € 125

    Hi Ilonka, the massage I received from you yesterday was great. When I came to you you were a stranger to me but soon I felt very familiar with you. I could let go of everything and be there alone with your loving touches. I experienced that you opened up to me, that you gave me what I longed for. Thanks again. I will definitely come back to you.
    with kind regards

    Anoniem from Hamburg (Duitsland) (session 1) [therapist: Ilonka]

    Thank you thank you what a revelation!
    You are an honest, beautiful and instructive woman.

    Anoniem from Nijmegen (session 1) [therapist: Ilonka]

    Thank you Ilonka for the wonderful and intense massage, it was super nice. Besides, you are also a nice woman. I would love to come back again for such a heavenly experience. With warm regards...

    Anoniem from Amersfoort (session 1) [therapist: Ilonka]

    Are you pregnant?
    Additional cost of 80€ on top of listed prices (excl. duo & 4-hands)
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    I will inform you as soon as possible of the additional costs for kilometers and extra time
    PAY ATTENTION! Zoë only gives coaching, NO MASSAGE!
    View Frederike's profile for more information about the possible sessions.
    For an appointment, please only propose dates from November.
    Energetic organ massage
    Neuro-emotional integration
    Given by Christophe and Saskia
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Given by Christophe and Anke
    Longer session possible (+ 50€ per extra 30 min)
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    DO NOT suggest dates on weekends please
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    Double rate applies for duo massage.
    These sessions include conversation, preparation and ritual, massage of 1.5-2h-3h, refreshing and aftertalk.
    Given together with Christophe
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    Yoni massage

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    Lingam massage

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