Country: Belgium
Province: East Flandres
Location: Zottegem
Therapy form: Duo massage, Intimacy coaching, Kashmiri massage, Lomi-lomi massage, Relaxation massage, Tantra coaching, Tantra massage (lingam), Tantra massage (yoni)

About me

Tantra massage DeviAs a child I immersed myself in Eastern spirituality and became interested in many schools and movements that could teach me how to realize a freer and more balanced life. I started practicing many forms of meditation, and worked on myself through all kinds of training and education around body & mind.
That is how I eventually came to Tantra from Buddhism, and found in it the synthesis of everything I had already discovered: how to create more openness and consciousness and to balance yourself and by clearing blockages in the physical and emotional body. your environment.
Tantra teaches that full life, including sexuality, can be fully experienced. Tantra is a complete and unconditional "YES" to life, teaching you how to use any experience, positive or negative, as a means to participate more in the flow of life. The ultimate goal of tantra is to dissolve the ego in the ecstasy of the all-encompassing consciousness (Shiva) and the inexhaustible life energy (Shakti).
This is what you can also experience through a tantric massage, if given by an experienced tantric.

I learned the art of massage during many courses, training and most of all from my years of practical experience. My professionalism and expertise guarantee you the in-depth experience you need and deserve. I give myself completely in every massage.
Thanks to the exploratory conversation beforehand, you can feel safe during the massage, relax easily and surrender. That way you always get the massage that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

I massage both men and women, always from deep intuition and pure love.
In my sessions I create an atmosphere of complete trust and safety, in which you can effortlessly relax and surrender to the 'flow' of feeling and enjoying.

Whatever type of massage you choose, the loving and conscious touch is guaranteed to touch you deeply, open your body and your heart, give you an experience that will last for a long time ...

And did you know that you can also come with your partner? Just to feel comfortable, or to let him / her enjoy watching.

Training and experience

  • various professional training courses for tantramasseur in different styles (Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia ...)
  • year training integrative massage
  • training intuitive, dynamic and polarity massage
  • training lomi-lomi massage
  • lingam and sacred zone massage
  • practitioner of tantra yoga, kundalini tantra, zen meditation, tibetan meditation for over 30 years
  • 6 years working as an independent masseur

I continue to perfect myself in various courses and workshops at home and abroad.


The effective duration of the massage itself is stated on the appointment form. The time of an additional pre- and post-discussion is not charged.
For the duo massage the total duration is stated, so including conversation.

Tantra massage

What does it mean?

  • loving, respectful massage
  • conscious, sensual touch
  • deep relaxation
  • ecstatic pleasure and happiness
  • awakening your life energy
  • communication without words
  • become aware of your patterns
  • a new look at intimacy, sensuality and eroticism
  • letting go of cramping, shame and limitations
  • healing of body, heart and mind
  • learn to control and direct your (sexual) energy
  • become multi-orgasmic
  • may be completely there and may feel completely
  • fusion of sensuality and love
  • fusion of body and heart
  • completely immersed in the NOW

Forms of tantric massage

This is a powerful, deep-acting and healing oil massage, an intense touch that awakens your entire body. The therapist sends energy through your body through the hands. Blockages dissolve by pulsing and pressing on marma points. This gradually brings your whole body to life. The chakras are worked one by one and open up. Tingling flows through your body and awakens your life energy (kundalini). It is then distributed over the entire body and flows through you from the bottom up. That makes for a very intense experience. It feels like every cell in your body is going to vibrate, you are both very relaxed and awake, energized.

In this massage you will be touched subtly and all over your body softly, lovingly but also tingling. It is massaged with the hands, the arms, but also the entire body can be used.
Starting from deep relaxation, the sensuality is built up step by step, you will feel more and more intense, in every cell of your body.

To make the 'Loving Touch' as ​​complete as possible, both receiver and giver are basically naked in this massage. Nudity is not sexually interpreted here, but serves the sense of openness and equality. If there is still fear or taboo around this, it can be agreed that this will be done step by step. It is important that as a recipient you can go into relaxation and from there to surrender.
Since we also work with, and control and control the sexual energy, a lingam or yoni massage (genital massage) is included unless you prefer not to. However, the tantric massage does not work towards a climax, but the accumulated energy is distributed throughout the body. For example, you can switch from a local orgasm to a total body orgasm or total ecstasy.

The Kashmiric massage is a wonderful massage, where you are cradled, caressed, cherished like a baby in a bath of warm love. It demands even more surrender from the customer and has an even more intimate character than the sensual massage. Therefore, this massage is only suitable for people who have previously received a tantric massage and can completely surrender.

Four-hands massage and couple massage:
In a tantric duo massage you are simultaneously brought by two tantrikas to an unprecedented intense experience. The surprising play of four hands on your body, sometimes synchronous and symmetrical, sometimes not, will allow you to fully surrender and experience a double portion of bliss.
What could be better than getting a massage? Receive a massage together with your love! Close to your partner, intensely enjoy a blissful massage, see each other, hear and feel enjoyment ... Or vice versa: each individually experience the massage in separate rooms and thus go even deeper into the experience, and then come together again and share. That can also mean deepening and enriching your relationship.

Relaxing oil massage and lomi-lomi massage:
If tantra seems a bit too challenging to you, you can also book a relaxing oil massage or a lomi-lomi.
Strictly speaking, the lomi-lomi massage cannot be called a tantric massage, but there are so many interfaces that I offer it to you. It is also a perfect run-up to a tantric massage. Unlike a tantric massage, you receive the lomi-lomi on a table and not on a futon. You are naked, but the intimate parts are covered and not massaged.

Life coaching from tantra:
Are you struggling with an intimacy problem? Is it difficult to connect? Are your emotions often overpowering you? Do you constantly feel stressed, tired or aimless? Are you often depressed or do you just want more color in your life? Do you suffer from annoying habits or addictions? Have you experienced something in yourself after an energetic massage that you want to continue working on?

In a coaching session we look for exactly what you need and I propose a whole tailored to you. A session always starts with a short conversation, in which we look at your initial situation or go through the result of the previous session. It is then determined what happens further in the session, based on what you apply yourself and / and what I feel about you. Depending on which it is a combination of meditation, yoga, massage or energetic exercises to trigger, open or support you. We conclude with a short discussion.


Prices for my massages start from 50 euros for a relaxing one hour massage, 60 euros for a tantric, to 70 euros for a sensual or Kashmiric. The duration of a massage can go up to three hours.

Four-hand massage starts at 140 euros. Couple massages are available from 200 euros for a two-hour session, pre-talk and private time afterwards.

Prices for coaching sessions start at 60 euros for an hour and a half.

The exact rates for each possible duration can be found on the appointment form.


Tantra massage appointment

Make an appointment and if possible already suggest some dates.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage

Experience the healing effects of a yoni massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Experience the healing effects of a lingam massage in terms of health and sexuality in a harmony of touch and energetic work.

Pelvic floor massage

Bekkenbodem massage

Relax the muscles of your pelvic floor through a pelvic floor massage and thus help avoid or solve a whole range of painful problems.


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