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Good morning Saskia, thank you again for yesterday. For safety, security, your listening ear,..
That I could surrender to your loving touches. I feel refreshed (despite the warm weather)🥵😅
A boost of energy to stand up for myself again.
Thank you and see you next time.😊🙏

N. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Sincere thanks Saskia for these unique 3 hours of tantra.

I was quite nervous about this first experience. A first step into the unknown, but I am very happy to have taken it. I am convinced that tantra will have its healing effect.

Saskia is a calm, warm person who puts her heart and soul into her massage.

It is indeed about purity, softness, security: simple and oh so beautiful to be able to receive. Away from the hectic world... back to the essentials. Let us not forget or believe again that we are certainly worth it.

It's gradually coming in more and I only now fully realize how much you touched me, especially during the second part of the session.
No matter how much you felt for me by suggesting I wipe my eyes. Yes, I would have been embarrassed lying on my back. I could hide well on my stomach. So difficult to show myself 'naked' as a woman, vulnerable. I could enjoy the cloth. So you see. The yoni massage... also felt well by you. Honestly, I think I would have said yes, even though it probably would have been too much at once. It wouldn't have ended on the beautiful note it ended on. Your hands guide mine on my chest. And hold it for a moment. I won't forget this anytime soon. What you do is so beautiful. What you can do for your fellow human beings with this. The symbolism I take from it is that you showed me that I can be there, that I can like myself and take care of myself. A nice ending to this first introduction to tantra.
The essential is invisible to the eyes.

Will end by saying that for the time being there is a wonderfully beautiful feeling inside and at the same time a few tears roll. Oh this has become so hard, crying.

Dear Saskia, you certainly deserve a lot of respect, as you also treated me very respectfully this morning. Not so obvious in this world.

V. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Hi Saskia, 
I'm just starting to get out of my fallow period, which, like any experience, is very formative, so today I'm ready to give you my feedback on my two previous sessions. I understand and feel that my journey of exploring the practice of tantra through massage, is a deep reconnection to my body and my life energy that I have repressed for a long time and which little by little by welcoming and letting express what must, I let myself be taken in the discovery of my blockages, traumas experienced in this life and much more. To release all this, your gentle and loving accompaniment is a great help, without trust and a secure framework I fear I wouldn't have been as receptive to the sessions. A real intense and profound therapy, thank you for allowing this. 

M. (session 2) [therapist: Saskia]

Dear Saskia, from my heart and without ulterior motives:
You know, what I experience with you is very overwhelming.
I never thought or expected that this would affect me so deeply.
After the second tantra massage I am completely convinced that I took the right path.
The 1st session with you was already an incredible experience.
When I was on my way to you for the 2nd session, I was afraid that it would now be less sensitive.

Inside I hoped that it would be as intense/good as the 1st time.

But yeah …..

“It couldn't be better than then.”

Even though I also thought at the time: that's not what it's about.

Even though you told me, every session is different...

I had decided not to expect too much and to try
to open up to you again. I was going to see what was coming.
So I was not at all prepared for what I was going to feel/experience/experience.
The security you made me feel made me so happy.
That feeling was all-consuming and left a deep impression on me.
I felt your purity coming in. I really felt you inside me, it was like
as if we were spiritually connected. And you accepted me as I am, for who I am.

I don't know if you realize how much joy this did and still does to me!

A few days later I also feel calmer. I feel more like myself.
This helps me so much, it does me so much good!

Saskia, thank you very much for your help and contribution in my search for a better 'being'.

I really appreciate what you do for me and how you do it!

Thank you for accepting me as I am!!!!!
(yes, I know, I'm repeating myself. 😊 😊 😊)

P. (session 2) [therapist: Saskia]

I have been actively working on improving my mental and emotional health for several years. A 'real' tantra massage had been in my mind for a while.
However, it took me some time to find an authentic tantra massage, regardless of the misunderstandings. I was looking for an experience focused on spirituality and wellness, not sexual services.

Finally my eye fell on Saskia. After much deliberation, I made an appointment and walked in at 8:50 am.
I was quite nervous at first. Fortunately, Saskia's friendly appearance quickly put me at ease.
After a conversation of almost an hour, I was allowed to undress.

The first 10 to 15 minutes was a relaxing massage. I was still a bit tense, but I felt more at ease.
Suddenly a calm came over me and all tension and nervousness completely disappeared.
I still can't really describe what followed. A journey of sensory exploration and deep relaxation.
The attention Saskia gave to my body. This was so much fun! This felt so good!
Suddenly Saskia came to my hands. I felt an intense connection and that moment really touched me deeply.
Her touch gave me a deep connection with my own body.
I had never experienced this before. No one has ever touched me like this before.
Actually, a week later, I still can't quite grasp it.

Saskia, from my heart, a sincere THANK YOU.
We'll see each other again soon.

P. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

It has been a while since I underwent an energetic massage. I started searching online and my eye fell on 'tantra massages'.
It was the first time I was triggered to read more about it.
No idea why, because I actually linked this to 'something about sex' and why would I have sex with someone else if I have an intimate relationship that I feel good about?

I read with fascination and my whole body read along.
How it went, the benefits afterwards,....
It appealed to me enormously. What's more, I also read about the yoni massage and immediately I thought "I have to do this".
Anyone who is familiar with these concepts knows that tantra yoni is a step further than regular tantra.
Now that I knew what it entailed and I knew that I wanted to have such an experience, I started looking for experienced givers in the area.
I read every page on their site and every possible review.
If you surrender yourself wholeheartedly to someone, and make yourself so vulnerable, it must be a professional person who does it the way it should be done.
My preference was for a woman, this felt more right to me.

Okay, I had found the right -educated- woman for me.
After some emails back and forth, the appointment was in my agenda. I found it super exciting and thought it was good of myself that I would allow myself this.
I was really looking forward to it.

As always, I arrived too early.
It was a sunny autumn day and I enjoyed the warmth on my face for a while and checked for the last time whether the sound on my phone was turned off.
I went in and it immediately felt good.
Nice and warm, bright and ready (but not too).
There was music playing and there were smells that I knew from my meditations at home.

Time was taken for an introductory meeting.
Everything was explained well and I was allowed to undress.
With a large, soft, black towel around me, I walked - still somewhat uncomfortably - to the mattress.
I lay on my stomach and Saskia sat next to me, dressed in comfortable clothes.
The massage started and there was not much difference from a normal massage for the first half hour.
Of course it became more intense and intimate towards the end, but I was prepared for that.
Not for a single second does it feel wrong.
It is not my intention to discuss the two and a half hour massage in detail.
I can say that there was nothing erotic about it. I didn't climax either in case you were wondering, that wasn't anyone's intention.
As I lay there and tried to surrender myself to every touch - difficult for a control freak by the way - I could only enjoy it.
In my head I kept telling myself how beautiful I thought this was. 'Beautiful' was the word that kept coming back. I kept saying 'thank you'.
That I discovered this, that I allowed myself this, that I could and was allowed to experience this, that I dared to do this, that I actually had no problem with it at all despite what it entailed, that it is even more special than I could imagine .
I felt different, even though you couldn't see anything on me, difficult to explain, but I had become more of a woman.
I had healed a little more, grown further and came closer to my true self.
For me it was a success. Wondering if I will do this again.

L. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

The hustle and bustle of daily life, children and renovations committed a serious attack on our general well-being. Low energy and fatigue resulted in less patience and irritability.
We recognized that it was urgently time to put the brakes on and do something together for ourselves as a couple.
In our search for new challenges and insights we came across this duo massage. We didn't hesitate for long to go for it and waited curiously but also a bit nervously for the planned date.
As an introduction to tantra, we opted for a duo massage with Christophe and Saskia because we wanted to experience it together as a couple, but at the same time this brought concern about whether we would be able to let ourselves go sufficiently in the presence of the other ...

After arriving, we immediately felt at ease in Saskia's comfortable studio. We were given time and a listening ear to get to the story and that way you feel that you are gaining confidence and it is also easier to get into the flow.
A lot of time is taken for the massage itself. The structure makes it easy to surrender yourself and go with the flow.

I felt surrender to the movements and that created a lot of energy that you feel everywhere in the body. It was a blissful experience after which I had to sit for a while to recover. The next day I felt energized and although it was a busy day of chores, I didn't worry about things that would previously energize me. My mindset was exactly reset.

Friday's blissful relaxing massage made a big impression on me.
Afterwards I was completely overwhelmed and even shocked by the repressed sadness you unleashed in me. Couldn't stop that either and somehow that wouldn't have been good for the healing process I think. I was a bit concerned about it towards B., but luckily he was not inconvenienced by it in his massage.
Saturday and yesterday I was still very tired, but today I already feel a lot lighter and more happy inside. I also have more reserve when performing my work. Experience less stress than usual and can put things into perspective better.

Thank you Saskia and Christophe. We will schedule a next session as soon as possible!

B. en M. (session 1) [therapist: Christophe, Saskia]

Hello Saskia,

It's been a year since we met and you gave me that wonderful experience, still present in my heart today. 
I'd like to do it again if it's OK with you.

Warm regards

B. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Hi Saskia,

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for the email following our session.

It was indeed a very powerful experience and a lot of emotions came up. It was also a very beautiful experience where I felt intense energy shooting through my body and had multiple experiences of a full-body orgasm. I felt very safe in your hands and relaxed in your beautiful studio so I was able to really let go of myself and surrender to the experience. You gave me your full attention and put so much of your energy into the session, for which I am very grateful. I can still feel some of the energy in my body and am letting it all just sink in.

Once again, thank you for everything you gave me. It was truly a beautiful experience, that I hope to come back for again later.

KR (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Hi Saskia, thanks again for the good treatment. I'm still enjoying it fully the days after.
Happy to have discovered you and that I can enjoy your talents.
It was also a pleasant chat.

L. (session 2) [therapist: Saskia]

Hi Saskia,

We wanted to let you know about this 😉
We were talking about you and our sessions this weekend...
This really did us both good... First of all we talk a lot more about our sexual experience, desires, do's and don'ts, something extra…
Also confessed that I already had a previous session with you, and this is relief.
In addition, our intimate experience has become completely different, reborn .... happening much more often, more is allowed, in different ways, both fully enjoying, feeling energy flow intensely ... something that we used to think not possible ..
In short, for us this is really a new dimension
You will definitely see us again, we both agree on that 😉
So, we just wanted to share this with you.
Thanks again and see you soon!

Anoniem koppel (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Thank you for your time, space, security and serenity.
It did me a lot of good...
I feel a little more free in my own skin now...

Peter (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

In June ’22 I decided to take the plunge to my 1st Tantra massage. All this was completely new for me to literally expose myself to someone I did not know at all. So I went there with a bit of a feeling of discomfort and a nervous/exciting feeling.

From the first moment I saw Saskia I felt the tension already flowing away… Saskia exudes a lot of peace and confidence, which made me feel very safe with her very quickly. During a 3 hour session with Saskia I was treated with great respect and love. This session has healed very deep wounds for me.

I understand that many people think 200 euros is a lot of money ... that is indeed not cheap, even for me this is a considerable amount as a single person. But I am very grateful that Saskia has come on my path and that I have spent that well-considered 200 euros on this session because in the end this has become an investment in myself and that is worth so much more than that visibly physical 200 euros. I am therefore convinced that I will book another session with Saskia at an appropriate time in the future.

Warm greetings

B. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

It was an amazing experience as a whole. Serene environment, away from it all.
Saskia leaves plenty of room, a place to be in peace and with your integral self.
It was a surprising and honest experience.

C. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

It was my first experience with Saskia but I certainly did not regret it.
Her practice is quietly located in a green setting, very neat and tidy.
The usual intake interview is not unnecessarily long. You are immediately put at ease.
Saskia takes you from the first touch into a blissful feeling. You no longer have a sense of time and you completely relax.
You can fully enjoy yourself and you do that spontaneously.
After the massage you can quietly “wake up” again, without haste.
I will definitely go back.

D.A. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

Thank you very much for the warm massage and the great energy that I have received.
What a holistic experience.
Never had such an orgasmic massage.

Geert (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]

The massages I received from Saskia were deeply relaxing. Saskia massages intuitively and through her presence creates a safe space to do nothing at all and enjoy. From an attitude of "nothing is necessary" you can come to your own home for a while. Saskia touches from sincerity and connection. Very nice experiences.

Hugo D. (session 1) [therapist: Saskia]