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It is difficult to describe, but the experience exceeds the wording in your website. The atmosphere of respect and openness, that pleasantness, seasoned with your passion, makes everything so unique. With every massage I grew in my desires and my freedom. Your magical hands have taken me on a new journey of discovery to myself. And now I cannot imagine what I would be like without that wonderful feeling that you always bring about. But you also have that special appearance and you are a loving person. I am very grateful.

Lode (session 1)

There are still a lot of words missing on your site regarding your peace, calm, gentle explanation, sensual but very respectful approach, in which the mental and physical limits of the giver and receiver are explored and even delineated in a huge respect for each other's being (it cannot be more symbolic). All this from the first second (during the intake interview) and the intense 'parasympathetic' massage - to the last second (with the beautifully commented 'coming back to the world'). It was an extremely positive and repeatable experience, which gives a person a different, 'freer' insight into his personal and worldly experience.

Paul (session 1)