Below you can read some testimonials from people who have already received one or more massages.

I blindly approached you a year ago, not knowing what to expect!
After the first treatment a primal force was released which made me stronger, I was somehow awakened ...
During the treatments afterwards, layer by layer was removed, it was a fierce, intense road to cover, not always easy towards emotions, but definitely worth it!
The trick was to admit everything and let it go piece by piece!

And then yesterday ...
Wow, how intense this was, it came in deep, almost with no words to describe what went through me, it was so powerful, emotional, really intense ....
Today I feel lighter, relieved too.
Every touch, every delight was pure relaxation and enjoyment ...
Then our hands held together at the end, wow that was powerful, this really affected me!
Very nice....
The yoni massage was again very special, you know exactly where you can put pressure and where it is necessary to pay attention.
What goes through my body I cannot describe ...
Very intense and healing!

Even after a year I am still blown away by what an energetic massage can bring about!
This will probably feel different for each person, but it works so well for me, this is exactly what I needed to let go and feel freer and freer ...
We have already released a lot of rocks (dare I say so) from my backpack and it feels really good ...
Big thanks to come along this road with me 🙏🔝❤

Saskia, 42y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (8th treatment)

I would like to thank you for the pleasant experience. You radiate a natural tranquility and keep all respect for the person you are going to massage. I came here to relax a bit, massage and let go of those thoughts. To briefly describe my experience: pleasant reception, pleasant conversation, pleasant massage with pleasant warm hands and a nice warm massage oil. In short, a must! ... I felt reborn and had a bit of an "enlightened" feeling afterwards. I slept well at night and afterwards felt ready to go at it again. Of the few things I do for myself, this is definitely a winner!

Sté, 29y from Kortrijk(Belgium)

After doubting for a while, I took the decision to undergo an energetic massage. The stress in advance wasn't necessary at all. Christophe has soft hands and a very soft voice. I felt charged when stepping outside.
The 2 hours have flown by.
I will definitely go back. Maybe for a yoni massage too this time. Thank you Christophe

D., 43y from Poperinge (Belgium)

This morning I was rested and fully energized. Something that does not happen often so I am positive.

It was a big step for me to opt for this massage, but my curiosity prevailed. I think that I was still too much in my head during the massage and that I was too aware of the environment and what was happening, but in summary I am pleasantly surprised and relieved. It feels like a bit of shame has disappeared.

E., 29y from Roeselare (Belgium)

My first Tantra experience.
For me I did it to de-stress ... to release all the pressure from my shoulders...

Not knowing what I could really expect, I went inside.
You could not call me relaxed, because I heard my heart pounding in my throat when I lay naked on my stomach.
You wonder what you are doing, is this something for me? What do I want to achieve with this? Can I really get relaxed from this? Thousands of questions go through your mind...
Because admit it; you expose yourself to someone you don't know at all. For that you really have to turn your knob. You don't need to have any shame, because we are all the same, but you know that you are there alone. You naked, not the other... How will your body react? But when I felt the warm hands resting on my body over the towel, when everything started, they created a strange sensation. Rest or something... with at the same time a healthy tension/expectation.
... The warm oil that you feel dripping onto your body... in combination with those flat caresses, those hands that knead you from your neck to the ball of your foot make you a little lazy, and the more caresses, the more relaxed I became.
Then the whisper if you want to turn around...
I know for sure that the front of my body can react much sharper than the back. The persistent caressing, tapping, and touching or almost touching of certain pressure points caused a very strange sensation at a certain moment.
I got an orgasmic feeling without being touched intimately. Exactly as if you get an orgasm, but again not really. You don't know why that is or how you can deal with it exactly, so you just let it come over you until you have recovered.
The caresses that followed moved closer and closer to my lips and yoni. Even when I was on my stomach, I was wet, but your yoni is opening more and more. You just want to experience even more sensation and I just wanted to be touched in and around my opening. Front, back, deeper, to my cervix, the pressure, the caresses around your clitoris... it felt really wonderful. The 2.5 hours have flown by too quickly and unfortunately I have not really experienced that orgasmic feeling anymore. After that first sensation I was perhaps a little too aware of my surroundings, I suspect... but there was already much more peace present than before.

What afterwards continued to sizzle all day long was the sense of discharge. All day long I felt my inner throbbing, exactly as if my yoni was full of thousands of nerves that wanted to be touched and did not want to rest before this was heard.
So my husband became my 'victim' and believe it or not, I got a huge orgasm by doing something that I don't normally do. When I was sitting on top of my husband, unlike what I always do (squeezing my pelvic floor muscles), I left my inside completely "open". Because of the build-up pressure that kept on giving me that tingling all day long, I was completely swollen. A very grateful long orgasm followed soon after. The nice thing is that now, 2 days later, I still have that feeling. The tantra and yoni massage is definitely worth repeating!

J., 39y from Tielt (Belgium)

After an introductory meeting, the intention seemed to be set to "find mental peace" and to "let go."
The massage was built up very gradually. Christophe felt very well what my body needed. Even with light contact, things were already set in motion. My breathing evolved from subdued to deep. The feeling of relaxation and the vibrations grew from subtle to ecstatic.
Just blissful ...

Now, 2 days later I still feel it in my body. In my head there is still (perhaps even more) unrest, but I notice that I dare to take steps to make decisions.
Wondering what is coming ...


Eva, 36y from Gent (Belgium)

A second session today... 🙏
After the first experience I already had a calmer feeling. I also look at things differently... It's like I have found an inner strength.
I have thrown all prescribed medicines overboard. I have the impression that these sessions have helped me a lot more.
I keep getting closer to the person I want to be and I continue to build...
Thank you so much Christophe!

Greet, 41y from Aalst (Belgium) (2nd treatment)

Time and time again you bring me to that magical place deep within me, where I am allowed to let go, enjoy and feel pure!
Nowhere else can I go so deep, you are great at what you do! For me the best therapy that exists for both body and mind!

Saskia, 42y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (7th treatment)

Wow, what was that ... 😜 After years of tension and no inner peace, I went looking for the tantra yoni massage in Kortrijk. I ring the doorbell and a super warm man opens the door. I intend to surrender because nothing helped so far. I was ready to receive ...
During the session you feel sensations in your body that will probably be different for everyone but they are really there! But the fact is, you end up in a state of deep tranquility, so you are not afraid to enjoy yourself. So respectful, all over the body ...
Day after you still feel that peace because I slept like a baby ...
Worth repeating!! Would like to experience this again .. 😊

Greet, 41y from Aalst (Belgium)

The tantra massage I received from Christophe was very pleasant. I felt a lot of peace and deep relaxation and although it was the first time I felt very safe.
It did loosen up quite some things and I can still feel the effect, I'm even deeper in contact with my feelings now. I would like to come back for several sessions.

Lianne, 50y from Terneuzen (Netherlands)

Thanks again for the intense experience yesterday. I intended to fully surrender and let go of everything and I succeeded quite well. I feel very comfortable with you. Above all, stay who you are! So happy that I let you into my space.
It's so nice to let myself float with everything you do with me. I have been able to relax from the 1st minute, the warmth of your hands feels so good, I can hardly help but relax immediately. I soon felt the energy being released. The combination of the energy that flows freely and the touches of the massage are heavenly, every touch just becomes more intense, more sensitive. Just blissfully how every part of my body becomes ultra sensitive ... Also the combination of massaging my arms / hands and what you did to let the energy flow at the same time was so intense. That gave a very nice feeling.
I also like that you do not put a "habit" in it, because of the fact you rely on your feelings it is always different and it remains surprising and fun because I never really know what comes next.
Yes I think it is really great to surrender to you and then just feel pure and experience what you do with me and what you get rid of. I keep enjoying it, the feeling I get from it, the relaxation...
It was a fierce & intense treatment, I was so drawn into it, really needed time to come back to civilization. I still feel it today, every now and then a feeling passes through me, so that I am immediately alert again and think of where it is still in me. I'm super tired today, I really feel that I went deep yesterday.
It was a very nice experience again! Thank you for that!

Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (6th treatment)

Christophe distinguishes himself mainly because he works with energy during his massage. He intuitively feels and gives attention where necessary. It is rare that you still get such a personal massage. The depth of the relaxation and how I feel afterwards makes me definitely go back for a follow-up appointment!

P., 37y from Waregem (Belgium)

I would like to give a word of thanks and appreciation to you as a therapist, Christophe. Thank you for your dedication and time. You radiated a lot of confidence from the beginning and I quickly felt at ease.
Low back pains and pain in my pelvis have been troubling me for several years. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago, but I could never accept the advice of the doctors to learn to live with the pains in my body. I keep looking for ways to relieve that pain.
Glad I was able to experience today that a tantra and yoni massage (in addition to meditation) is the best medication. It was a very special and intense experience. There was a deep sense of relaxation and peace and the pains in my back muscles and pelvis disappeared completely.
I hope to remain pain-free for a while and look forward to another appointment.

I., 47y from Oosterzele (Belgium)

A coach advised me to undergo a tantra massage. She thinks it is recommended because it would loosen and address my sexual desires. Even though I am sexual towards others and I see sex as sex and nothing more. My goal: to satisfy others, but now it was different. The attention went to my body. Due to the respectful way of working, it was a clear limit for me that this time it was all about myself. The massage builds up gradually and that increases confidence a lot.
I was very calm after the treatment. A calmness that is difficult for me to find otherwise.
Thank you for that!

V., 36y from Kortrijk (Belgium)

I am a 41 year old lady who suffers from the terrible diseases CFS and Fibromyalgia for 6 years now.
I had heard and researched around Tantra massage.
A spiritual massage for mind and body. That's how I ended up at Christophe.
Yesterday evening I received my first real tantra massage.
After a friendly welcome and a word of explanation, the massage started. I focused on the soft music and the massage. Little by little I felt every muscle and every joint relax. I enjoyed every second, every touch both physically and mentally.
After my whole body was treated, I felt no pain at all anymore, a feeling I had not experienced for years. But it wasn't over yet.
Then I felt a very intimate thing without any further touch. I had never experienced that before. An orgasm that I felt to the depths of my body. So intense. I was a little ashamed. But Christophe remained very professional and told me that it was indeed very intense, but that it was also normal. That something like that can happen.
Once I got home I was still relaxed and pain free. I went to sleep and slept around the clock.
Today my whole body and mind still feel that peace. I still don't have pain, I just canceled all my plans today to enjoy this peace to the fullest.
Being pain-free, even if it is just that, I want to enjoy it.
It is highly recommended.
I'm definitely going back.
Thank you for taking my pain away.

Sylvie De Thandt, 41y from Avelgem (Belgium)

First of all, thank you very much for your very respectful way of working.
I could not imagine at all how I would feel about it, but apart from the first 5 minutes perhaps I was never stressed. Although I am very embarrassed about my body (not that I suffer from it in daily life, but to show myself naked), I seemed to be able to let it go. Not the first moment but the feeling of unease didn't last long at all.
It is a shame that my body feels more tension than I might experience in my head. I cannot say that I have experienced total relaxation in my head but still much more than I am used to with treatments.
During the treatment I felt a kind of feeling come up in which I thought that I would also completely relax physically but this did not happen, as if I could not allow myself to do so. I have been stuck in this feeling for a long time. Actually, until I finally slept. I had a fairly good night because I slept a little more than three hours in a row and that doesn't happen that often.
I certainly think it is a very positive experience and I would definitely like to try this a few times to hopefully in the end be able to fully relax. According to the osteopath, this could greatly reduce my daily stress.

K., 47y from Bissegem (Belgium)

I went to Christophe for the 4th time. I was so looking forward to being carried back into the magical world of tantra with Christophe and I was spoiled again from head to toe, every cm is touched, it feels heavenly. I wouldn't do it with anyone else but Christophe. The relationship of trust has grown so much in a few months time, simply wonderful.
It's so nice to see myself grow and bloom openly, I get to know myself again.
Little by little I learn to let go.
I am / was someone who does not like to give away control but with Christophe I do it without hesitation!
This time it was also a fantastic journey to the depths of myself.
I enjoyed it from the 1st to the last minute! I find the peace in my head more and more. After the treatment I needed some time to recover, my head was empty, I had to get used to it, I can't remember the time that it was quiet again in my head ... The chaos is cleared up and it feels great.
Christophe is a warm, pure and honest man I trust blindly! I am eternally grateful to him for what he has already done with and for me.
The journey with Christophe through the entire tantra happening is only getting more and more interesting.
I can just be myself with him, for a moment I am not a woman of, not a mum of, I am just me.
These are really my me-time moments and I honestly can't imagine ever stopping this!

Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (4th treatment)

The tantra healing that I received from Christophe has been a very special experience. The treatment was done in an intimate and respectful way and was very intense. It was so special because Christophe works very intuitively and feels perfectly how and when he can bring the energy flow to a higher level.
The result is a very healing experience that ensures that my energy can fully flow into my body again, even weeks after the treatment. Thank you!

Regine, 51y from Waregem (Belgium)

Last week I got a massage from Christophe. I did not know what to expect. The warm welcome by Christophe immediately put me at ease. Christophe exuded calm and integrity at the first chat. When I lay on the massage mat, I was uneasy at first. As soon as I felt the warmth of Christophe's hands, I came to rest. I immediately felt that it was good. His calm, respectful and professional approach brought me to myself.
Even when he did not touch me, I felt how energy moved in my body. The small touches caused intense waves.
The whole massage felt like a warm, loving bath, for both mind and body.
Immediately after the massage I felt energetic. I had a deep, blissful sleep the two following nights. I feel that I received a real health treatment. The massage still reverberates. To be repeated! I am already looking forward to a next massage.
Thanks, Christophe!

Katrien, 47y from Deerlijk (Belgium)

I chose this form of therapy because I did not find words for what had been going on inside me for quite some time. Negative events of recent years were inscribed in my body and prevented me from living fully.
With a dose of suspicion I enter the practice but thanks to the respectful attitude of Christophe, a safe context of the massage quickly emerges.
After the first session I start feeling a connection again with my body. The grief that got stuck in my body is gradually coming loose, even in the days and weeks after the massage, which is really intense at times.
Session after session, deeper layers of my pain are addressed. By allowing this and releasing control over it, the healing process can take place. At the same time, after each massage, I feel more and more at home in my own body, like a slow awakening.
Christophe's gentle touch eventually takes me to my deepest self, to the point where everything seems to coincide and there is perfect harmony. In my totality I feel unconditionally accepted and supported, an almost spiritual experience.
The mastery of Christophe is in sensing in the finest way what my body and soul need to walk my own beautiful path, his patience to do this at my pace and always with an incredible loving devotion.

Looking back on my therapeutic process, I can say that it was not a 'quick fix' solution or a 'walk in the park'. At times it turned out to be a tough confrontation with my pains, sadness and anger and I had to go deep to face it. This was only possible thanks to Christophe's continued supportive involvement, also between sessions. However, I could not have wished for a better result: I can give and receive trust again.

Evelien, 35y from Gent (Belgium)

On my way to Kortrijk, I ask myself in the car: "How did I end up here again and why did I agree?" I ring the doorbell shyly and I am greeted by Christophe with his disarming smile. I estimate him younger than myself and during the exploratory conversation the first nerves are ebbing away ... I am getting quiet. I'm here now anyway ... let's just try and see what happens I'm thinking to myself. If it's nothing for me then I can stop at any time, right?

A little later I lie on my stomach under a big towel and my back and shoulders are being massaged. I close my eyes and surrender ... The massage is slowly built up arms, hands, legs, calves, ... nothing is skipped. It is intense, sensual and when Christophe does not touch me, I sizzle all over my body. Sensual, sexual, ... the boundaries seem to be blurred. Pfieuw ... I am confused, but enjoy! It is mainly the suggestion, the pressure just above my 'yoni', ... Slowly I return to the here and now.

We talk for a moment. I return home with a happy feeling. It is difficult to describe. In one way or another, Christophe exudes calmness and takes you on a journey to your own body and afterwards you feel reborn. An absolute must!

S., 39y from Roeselare (Belgium)

The 3rd treatment feels like a combination of the first 2 treatments.
But foremost with the feeling of energy, I feel blessed now, of course it remains to be seen what the coming days bring.
Meanwhile, I also know that it can be a real roller coaster of emotions.
I was now more relaxed from the beginning, I know that I am in very good hands!
I do not know how to say it but I feel like I am one with you or with your energy. I can not put it in the right words ...
(while the previous times there was still a lot of haunting through my head and I was still very aware of you in the neighborhood at times) The whole treatment brings me to total relaxation and surrender this time ...
The tantra massage was intense but the yoni massage brings everything still to a higher and deeper intensity in feelings through my body. The after-effect of all sensations feels blissful!
I feel totally relaxed and great in my own body ...

Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (3rd treatment)

Some years ago already, somebody had advised me to try this kind of massage. I became curious, took the step and planned a date with an open attitude.
At first it felt awkward for a little while, but that quickly passed when I felt how respectful, patient and gentle my body was being treated.
In a framework where respect and safety come first, I got the feeling to be able to let go step by step, experience freedom and also discover my strength. I encountered a lot of feelings during the massage: happiness, peace, sadness, emotion, softness, .... It is something overwhelming. There are all sorts of sensations still going on in my body ... I already feel a lot safer in my own body. I hope that I can still grow in this and that I can experience it more often!

Woman, 32y from Kortrijk (Belgium)

I have experienced this massage as very relaxing. From the start I was completely at ease, partly because of Christophe's calm approach and warm attitude.
The sensations I experienced during the massage were very diverse. From complete relaxation, to shivers all over my body, cold / warm currents ....
I slept very well that night... I felt as if I had stepped out "lighter" in one way or another.
Worth repeating!

E., 44y from Antwerp (Belgium)

For the 2nd time I went to Christophe' place, this massage goes so deep, is so intense and pure, indescribable really. I have experienced this massage much more consciously this time making it even more magical! Again my whole body reacts while Christophe isn't touching me, I just feel everything happening in my body, and I can not stop it or explain it... My arms are trembling, I feel tingling in my legs, and my lower abdomen is contracting. It's pretty intense, but I fully rely on Christophe, he can always bring me to the depths of myself and it feels blissful! Since I started these treatments, I only want to experience more and I am more and more stimulated by what this does to me. Simply magical...

Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (2nd treatment)

Unsure, nervous and full of excitement for the unknown I step inside at Christophe's place.
He exudes a warmth and tranquility, so I know that everything will be fine.
The tantra yoni massage is so intense, I'm in a kind of trance and it feels blissful, even when Christophe does not touch me my body reacts with trembling, every fiber in my body is awake and excited.
When I made the appointment I was not sure about the yoni massage, but I'm glad I did this, it was too good to stop!
The yoni massage was really the icing on the cake for me!
I went inside insecure and stepped outside without shame while experiencing the most intimate and intense experience ...
There are no words to describe this.
Thank you Christophe for who you are and what you have brought about with me, indescribably intense and beautiful!

Saskia, 41y from Kortrijk (Belgium) (1st treatment)

I found the treatment very professional. At first I felt a bit uncomfortable but that changed very quickly because of the soft, professional way of working. I could leave home quietly and relaxed!

Ine, 26y from Kortrijk (Belgium)

The tantra treatments are very intense and bring you closer than ever to your soul. It feels like letting go in the deepest layers of your body. You literally feel the energy flowing through every fiber in your body, your entire body is in total connection and becomes one sensation.
What is important to me is the safe and secure environment in this intimate intense experience. Thanks to Christophe's gentle and calm way of treating you can experience this completely. I am very grateful to be able to feel more inner freedom and grow in my femininity every time.

F., 27y from Kortrijk (Belgium)

When I washed the first time after the treatment, everything felt very different. I wanted to wash away all the remains of menstruation and then I go deep with my fingers. Do you know what it felt like for me? Honest? so super soft, loose ... free ... as if there has never been someone inside and everything is in harmony without trauma. And the cervix was just closer. You have worked on it in an energetic way! Very clear difference.

Liesbeth, 37y from Zwevegem (Belgium)

Christophe has a very soft touch and creates a warm and trusting atmosphere. It is very important for me to be able to relax and really go deeper mentally and be more open emotionally during a yoni massage. With him, every massage is a unique experience, my personal way of exploring myself and my energies with his magical touch. A true professional!

Jane, 31y from New York