My experiences so far

This text was written by Christophe. Read more about him and the possible forms of therapy on his profile.

Taking the threshold

Opting for a tantra massage is a major barrier for many. I occasionally hear from customers that they had already visited the website many months or even years before, but at that time did not dare to take the step to make an appointment.

For a tantra massage with (profound) energetic effects, it is very important that you feel completely safe as a customer and that you can trust the therapist. Of course this is not obvious if you as a woman enter somewhere you have never been before, with a therapist you have never seen before, and it is also a man! Oh, and tantra (massage) is also only linked to sexuality and erotic massage by the majority of the population. You see, enough obstacles to overcome to effectively take that big step!

To avoid misconceptions, I spent a lot of time from the start to create a content-rich website that provides sufficient information. For this type of massage, great importance is also attached to testimonials. I hear from several customers that they have read all of these (in addition to the rest of the website).


Many people like to know where they stand and what to expect from a new experience. That's why, after some hesitation, I decided to also post some demo videos on the site. In this way one can already see that there is more than just our physical body, that energy and its movement is a natural phenomenon. For most people, this is completely new information.

The disadvantage of posting such videos is that one can create expectations. Unfortunately, this is not a "you ask, we run" scenario where certain effects can be guaranteed. Later on I describe what is important to achieve an energetic session.

To put it playfully. If you keep asking yourself during the massage “Hmm, could it almost happen?”, there is a very good chance that nothing will happen because you are fully present in your head. It is only after letting go of every expectation, surrendering yourself to the process and being aware of the moment, that more depth and healing can take place.
To be clear, this essentially remains a very relaxing, soothing, loving, gentle massage with all the known classic benefits for body and mind.


Within a tantra massage, both the universal/pranic energy and the sexual energy are used. The latter is able to generate new life and is therefore very powerful. The sexual energy is also at the origin of desire, zest for life, creativity and passion.

When your sexual energy flows freely through the body, it nourishes both body and mind and you come into your power, you feel connectedness, bliss and pleasure. Allowing this pleasure and feelings of excitement can be a step too far for some because they encounter a mental barrier (experience as taboo due to social influence and upbringing). This is a concern I've heard from several clients and can keep you from going into a state of surrender or just getting you out of this state.
If you manage to enjoy in full surrender, try to stay with your own energy. It is important that you remain fully in receiving mode and do not give in to any reflex to give, as there is no interaction with the therapist.

Not unimportant to mention is that this displacement of energy can also express itself in a (profound) emotional response, which can happen in a fraction of a second. Every person stores trauma in his or her body throughout life. Trauma is of course a broad concept and can occur in many degrees. We are often not aware of it either. In a state of surrender, however, we come close to the gateway to the subconscious and our body can 'decide' at that moment to make us aware of unprocessed, unfinished emotions of sadness, anger, fear,... It is important to express these and not to bottle it up again and put it away.

A tantra massage is never predictable and is always experienced as unique, even by regular customers who have already experienced several sessions.

A mix of ingredients

In my experience, there are several factors, ranked from more to less decisive, but all important to some degree, to lead to an energetic session:

  • Feeling safe and comfortable (trust) and thus achieve deep relaxation and surrender
  • Letting go of your thoughts (as in mindfulness/meditation), connecting with your body, feeling aware
  • The therapist works with intention, visualization and focus to awaken and support the energetic flow

A new experience

Why is tantra massage a new experience for many women in their lives?

In tantra, the female sexual energy is sometimes compared to water and the male to fire. The man's fire burns right from the start, while the woman's water takes time to boil. And the best way to do this is to give her entire body loving attention, ideally from the outside (eg hands/feet/neck) inwards (eg buttocks/breasts and finally yoni).
A simple comparison, but if it was really understood by many men, it would lead to happier relationships with less tension and a better experience of sexuality.

Since a tantra massage takes an average of 2.5 hours and the body is lovingly touched in a constructive way, you could say that the water gets warmer step by step.
The average time that you as a woman receive attention from your partner is significantly shorter and is often (too quickly) focused on sex and the genitals. In addition, it also happens too little that as a woman you can really experience a moment of me-time, a few hours that you fully devote to your own body and sensuality/sexuality.
Unfortunately, many women do not realize that their bodies can experience far more profound sensations than they have known until now.

To put it in the words of a 49-year-old customer:

“Why am I only now discovering that my body is capable of such sensations and haven't I bumped into this decades ago?”