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For whom?

Energy massageA tantra massage is a unique experience for everyone. What's more, even every session is different for the same person. In a deeper state of relaxation, the body decides itself, under the guidance of the therapist, whether the time has come, for example, to release certain emotions, blockages or trauma.

For whom is a tantra massage recommended or possible?

  • People who are restless and stressed or who do not feel well
  • People who experience problems of a relational or sexual nature
  • People who have had traumatic experiences in their lives
  • People who are curious about energetic work and the health benefits and sensations that can follow for body and mind

Those who are consciously looking for an erotic massage with the sole purpose of achieving an orgasm or happy ending are in the wrong place and should continue their search.

If you have problems with your health or specific complaints, it is important that you mention them on the application form. If we do not recommend a tantra massage based on this, we will let you know as soon as possible.

After setting a date for the appointment you will receive a document with some tips and guidelines in preparation for the massage.

Possible effects

A tantra massage is a journey in and to yourself. Step by step, a deeper state of relaxation is reached. More and more away from your head and consciously present in your body itself.

This goes along with your brain waves that can go from a beta to an alpha and eventually even theta state. This theta state is also reached during hypnosis and REM sleep, for example. It is the gateway to the subconscious mind where memories and emotions are held. Your energy is "awakened" and it is possible that energetic blockages and trauma are released and expressed.

According to the principles of tantra, this energy is led upwards into the body during the massage, a process we call sublimation. This can be accompanied by intense sensations that are sometimes felt all over the body and may even be of an orgasmic nature (regardless of whether or not the genital area is being treated). This is a new world opening up for many people.

tantra massage effectsThe massage teaches you to receive purely without giving back yourself, something that is not always evident for many people (often women). A real me-time moment!

You somehow get an injection of life energy, which some say is felt up to weeks after the massage. This can manifest itself in several ways *:

  • A feeling of deep relaxation, both physical and mental, which has a positive effect on your stress level and fears
  • Released endorphins can relieve possible pain (eg fibromyalgia, CSV), sometimes up to days after the massage
  • A mental clarity that makes it easier to make (heavy) decisions
  • A more active lifestyle and a desire to exercise more
  • Feel more creative in everything you take on and do
  • Can help with problems of impotence, premature ejaculation, fertility, insensitivity to orgasmic pleasure
  • Stimulates the immune system so that health and the self-healing system of the body is supported
  • Generates and directs sexual energy throughout the body to release blockages and increase the potential of orgasmic pleasure
  • Opens your heart chakra and develops a greater candor and appreciation for life

Furthermore, the different testimonials can help to get a better picture of the possible effects of a tantra massage.

* These effects cannot be guaranteed.

Course & Rates

The course of the massage and the rates depend on the chosen therapist and can be found on the therapists page.


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