What problems can a tantra massage be useful for?

Especially people who are restless, stressed or traumatized, do not feel good about themselves, or experience problems of a relational or sexual nature, may benefit greatly from treatment.

Free up energy? What exactly does that mean? Can I feel this?

Through an Ayurvedic massage technique on the lower abdomen our energy is awakened. According to the principles of tantra, this energy is led up into the body during the massage, which can cause quite intense sensations. You can describe it as a tingling, a bit like a sleeping arm that suddenly gets a supply of blood again. This feeling can occur over the entire body, but it is mostly situated in the head and arms.

How does a tantra massage work?

  1. Welcoming + chat (1st time longer)
  2. Change clothes + take place on the futon (mat) in a big towel
  3. Massage back (back / legs / feet)
  4. Massage front (chest / abdomen / arms / legs / feet)
  5. Massage genital zone - yoni massage (not compulsory!)

A yoni massage? I do not feel comfortable receiving this...

Sometimes it is a big step to allow a stranger to your most intimate zone, making it not an obligatory part. Feeling energy can often happen without touching the yoni itself. However, blockages / traumas are usually stored in the yoni. After one or more massages, the bond of trust is often big enough to take this step and work more deeply. In short: You decide what is possible and not during the massage!

What is the minimum age for a tantra massage?

The minimum age for a tantra massage is 18 years. If you are younger, guidance is needed by a parent.